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Allahu Akbar

Salam Aleikum, mi nombre es Lorena. Soy de España (Zaragoza). Alhamdulillah me di cuenta de la verdad y espero hacer mi shahada y ser una buena musulmana Insha'allah :)
Me encantan los bebes y el chocolate. Mi amor por allah es incondicional♥ Espero compartir con vosotros las mejores fotografías.

*La ilaha illa Allah*

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May allah bless and accept all our fasts, prayer and dua’s this ramadan. May all of us keep up our good deeds and the “ramadan spirit” THROUGHOUT the year. I pray you That everyone has a beautiful day, filled with joy, beauty, and laughter. Keep you thoughts with Those Who are suffering in palestine, syria etc … and all around the world. One day, we will celebrate Eid with world peace.